An Introduction to A Course in Lightwork

Format: This 10-week course includes 3-hour study sessions with interactive discussion and group meditation. For additional information:
Schedule: Classes start roughly every 12 weeks. Call or email for a current schedule.
Fee: $195 plus $40 for book of 44 lessons, 10 of which will be covered in this session. Additional classes will be offered for the remainder of the lessons. Also available are the companion meditations for all 44 lessons on CD (see below)..
Location: The lessons will take place at the facilitator’s home in Colorado Springs. For security reasons, the location will be provided upon paid registration. Please call if you have questions.
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Books and CDs will be supplied by the instructor during class.

For more information call Dawnie Baldo at 719.640.7053.
Please leave me a message if I cannot answer your call in person, and I will return your call promptly!
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